AniMarket Retail POS Software

With technology rapidly evolving, retailers are seeking ways to leverage the latest innovations as a means of streamlining business processes. Among the challenges they face in doing so are the need to accelerate time-to-market, reduce operational expenses and simultaneously deliver enhanced customer experience.

Early adopters of the emerging AniMarket Software as a Service cloud delivery trend benefit from new yet affordable technology. By moving to the latest cloud-based architecture, they can concentrate on managing their day-to-day retail functions, while letting IT vendors handle hardware and maintenance resource investments. We delivery enables retailers to employ cutting edge retail technology at affordable cost, with fast time-to-market, while minimizing risk and dramatically lowering upfront capital investments.

We also are offering combines the best of two worlds. Proven retail solutions successfully deployed by the company in the retail industry for over 16 years, and the latest our advanced Software cloud implementation models. AniMarket leverages the company’s unmatched retail expertise to ensure that retailers benefit from best-in-class IT solutions, with implementation made easier than ever with services delivered as software from the cloud. The solution is highly reliable and futures full compliance with the most demanding security standards.

The scalable, on-demand nature of Retalix SaaS ultimately enables retailers to deploy innovative yet affordable solutions that assure enhanced customer satisfaction.

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